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For 100 years, the name Fenton has been synonymous with the highest quality of art glass.   Fenton Art glass is unique in an age of mass production, reflecting the charm & graciousness of another era.   Each piece is hand-crafted in the USA.

COLLECTIBLES, as a Fenton Glass Showcase Dealer, has available a large variety of Limited Editions, Family Signature Pieces, & Exclusive Showcase Pieces.   Be sure to sign up to our mail list to receive current information on new pieces as they become available. 

**  updated   02/25/18  **

An announcement was made on 7-6-2011 from Fenton Art Glass that they are shutting down production of traditional glassware, which includes the collectible items and home decor and figurines.
As items sell out on our website, we will remove them for ordering.
We try to update this website daily, so that the quantity of each item will be correct.  However, an item could sell out before the update is made. 
We are not able to provide free shipping on sale items.
* All sales are final on Fenton Glass, as all items are retired and no longer available from the company. *
** SALE **
Sale on selected Fenton Glass items
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Special Limited Editions - Rare
Retired Glass Messenger Exclusives, Samples, Low Numbers, Exclusives, &
Hand Signed by a Fenton Family Member
"Only One" of each available

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Dave Fetty  Designs
Frank Workman Designs
Kelsey Murphy Exclusives
Angel Figurines  -   Sale Prices
Birds and Bird Themes
Bowls & Rose Bowls
Candle Holders   -    Sold Out
Candy Boxes and Trinket Boxes
Catalogs and Books - Older Yearly Catalogs
Cats   -   Sold Out
Christmas Trees   -   Sold Out
Doll Figurines -   Sale Prices
Elephants  -   Sold Out
Fairy Lights
Figurines:  Geese and Hippo and Raccoons  -   Sale Prices
Figurines:  Pigs
Halloween     -   Sale Prices
Lamps  -  Sold Out of lamps
Mary Gregory Style - Hand Painted Designs   -   SOLD OUT
Mice / Mouse   -   Sold Out
Roosters  -    Sold Out
Shoes & Slippers  -   Sold Out
Snow People   -  Sold Out
Swung Vases
Tulip Vases or Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vases
Mosser Glass of Ohio
Gorgeous Glass
Made in the USA
Mosser Glass
Display Your Fenton Glass vases & larger pieces

Change the heights so they are easier to see!
These three vases are not for sale;  only used for display purposes.
Rippled Acrylic Risers
Set of 3

Set of 3 Rippled Acrylic Risers - photo copyright 2010 CollectiblesRome

2.5" hi  x 5" long
2" hi  x 4" long
1-3/8" hi  x  3" long
Acrylic Risers-102
PRICE:  $12.00 per set
On all items, you will see "Retired".
That means Fenton is no longer making that item - we still have it available as long as it appears on our website.

Fenton Art Glass

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